Pocha won two great awards at the 2015 LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL. It won the AUDIENCE AWARD for BEST FICTION & A SPECIAL JURY AWARD for BEST DIRECTION. The premiere was completely sold out to the point where people were waiting in the rush line to see if any tickets were left over from anyone who pre-purchased a ticket and didn't show up.  

We had an exciting crowd and tons of questions from the audience. The film looks so beautiful thanks to our director who also photographed the film. It hits all the vibrant colors of an epic western.  And the sound design is flawless and masterful...it doesn't hurt that we had the Warner Brothers sound designers from TOMMY LEE JONES' films THE HOMESMAN and THE THREE BURIALS behind it.  The music is superbly scored and unexpected choices bring the scenes to another level.  

I am so proud of this cast and crew.  You can see the actors pouring their hearts into every frame of the film.  All their fears and joys displayed like a beautiful composition, hitting all the right notes.  Michael Dwyer (our D.P. and director) and Kait McLaughlin (screenwriter & co-director) stayed true to their vision and nurtured this film to life. 

Thank you Jesse Garcia for bringing me into this film along with the other great cast members you helped select. 

Can't wait for everyone to see the film soon. POCHA will move on to other festivals as we hope to win more awards.  AND DON'T FORGET TO CLICK BELOW TO LIKE THE FILM ON FACEBOOK!


Partial cast of POCHA.

Michael Dywer (Our director & cinematographer)

Our screenwriter, Kait McLaughlin answers questions from the audience.

Jaime Jimenez, Jorge A. Jimenez, Roberto Urbina, and Julio César Cedillo.