USA Film Festival presents a special advanced screening of SICARIO Wednesday Sept. 16th.

I just wanted to remind everyone about the advanced screening of SICARIO one of the most anticipated films for 2015.   The Rolling Stone describes it as "the most gripping and tension-packed spin through America's covert war on drugs since Steven Soderbergh's TRAFFIC 15 years ago." Richard Roeper of the Chicago Times after seeing the film at THE TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL hails Benicio Del Toro's performance as "to rival his Oscar winning work in TRAFFIC!"

I was fortunate enough to have seen the film this past June at the Lionsgate screening room in Santa Monica. I was invited by Trent Luckinbill, one of the producers of Sicario.  He was kind enough to include me in on a screening by the Lionsgate marketing team.

Even though I read the entire script and knew that some things would change within the script (most films on average never stick exactly to what's written) and I knew the tone and feel of the still kept me on edge and tension was thick. This is a very smart approach by our director as he maneuvered through this genre with the masterful cinematographer, Roger Deakins.  The actors also executed every note with full intensity.  What I did notice was how Benicio's dialogue was reduced to a minimum compared to the original script.  But it serves the script well.  Show me more and tell me less is employed here creating mystery filled with a dark vagueness...exactly what the drug war experience invokes.  

I am a huge fan of Ann Alexander, the managing director of the USA FILM FESTIVAL.  She has hosted several films I've been a part of, the most recent one was FRONTERA starring Ed Harris, Michael Peña and Eva Longoria.  So when she reached out to invite me as a special guest I said yes of course.  However I had to remind her that even though I'm the cartel boss they're hunting down through the whole film...I only have one scene...great scene...but nonetheless only one scene.  So I will be attending the screening in support of Ann and the great folks over at THE USA FILM FESTIVAL, not as a self absorbed actor.

Come on out and join us.  Tickets are available at the USA FILM FESTIVAL office at (214)821-6300 or at